Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be seeping into every aspect of our life with AI-powered solutions positively changing tech and trade, healthcare, education and even our personal everyday life. On the daily, we are challenging the usual order of things by automating the mundane routine work and having smart devices assist us with our tasks. The shift to smart technologies and intelligent workspaces goes even beyond that. Business giants across industries have recognized the limitless possibilities brought on by the innovative technologies and leverage artificial intelligence services to transform the way they work and deliver services to the market.

Artificial Intelligence covers a multitude of areas in technologies including but not limited to Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Neural Networks, and Knowledge Representation.

AI services

Artificial Intelligence services can be applicable across industries and customized to meet the needs of the consumers. AI-based services largely depend on the type of data that you offer the system for analysis, so there’s a wide range of products and services, and ways that they can be applied in real life. AI systems may operate on all types of data: visual, audio, text, data and so on.

AI Vision Systems

AI is used in image recognition which is applied in practice in the medical field (e.g. processing scans for diagnostics and planning treatment). A similar principle is used in face recognition systems that may identify a person from a digital image. These technologies, called Face unlock and Face ID, are already being used by Android and Apple appropriately to let you unlock your screen or certain apps on your smartphone by simply scanning your face. Face recognition technology is now in high demand so we may expect more advances in this area soon.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition systems may seem on the other side of the spectrum but utilize similar principles and technology. It is used in speech-to-text software as well as for voice–operated home assistant devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, and smart assistants Siri or Google Assistant for smartphones.

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