Today’s BFSI organizations need unparalleled control over data with insights to ensure that companies are making confident, well-informed decisions. Our data analytics solutions powered with AI- help companies streamline the Fraud, Risk, lending and predict credit and default risk, while providing unmatched data insights so you’re making smart, timely decisions. With Dhruv, you can usher in a whole new world of data insight.

Risk analytics has become an important part of financial service organizations like banks, insurers, brokerages, credit cards, etc. If the risk is identified and quantified, organizations in all industries can adopt appropriate risk mitigation measures. That is where Dhruv Technology specialize in.

Addressing many challenges using Delinquency Modelling, understanding the Credit Worthiness, identifying the Transactional or Billing Fraud, Predictive Underwriting, Risk-adjusted Premia

Identifying and quantifying risk will benefit any organizations – be it the transaction fraud for a credit card company, default risk for a mortgage firm, we at Dhruv Technology provide insights to solve the business challenges by bringing in a slew of tactical risk mitigation measures, and strategic decision making at various levels that bakes in relevant risk.


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