Learning & Development is a continuous process of improving skills, gaining knowledge, clarifying concepts, and changing attitude through structured and planned education by which the productivity and performance of the employees can be enhanced. At Dhruv, our Learning & Development cell ‘Gurukul’ emphasizes on the improvement of the performance of individuals through a proper system that focuses on the skills, methodology, and content required to achieve an objective. Efficient training of employees helps in their skill and knowledge development, which eventually helps us to improve our productivity, leading to overall growth. Our training cell resolves to create an impact that lasts beyond the end of the training.

At Dhruv, we empower growth, whether lateral or linear. Our learning & development initiatives are designed for offering growth and development opportunities to our people for building rewarding and fulfilling careers at Dhruv. We focus on our employees’ transformational growth through professional training and personal development initiatives.

Dhruv emphasizes on transformation through theoretical and experiential learning, some through trainer-led sessions, and others through on-the-job learning. Along with a marked focus on knowledge enhancement, our L&D cell emphasizes equally on developing the core technical, functional, and soft skills of our talent force. We have a pool of in-house trainers who deliver training on various topics across technical, functional, and behavioral categories. External training sessions from industry experts are organized throughout the year.

In our resolve to have more and more Dhruv’ians scale up their knowledge and skills, there is a unique feature of the L&D policy that provides full reimbursement of the certification that any employee completes.


At Dhruv, we ensure a rigorous focus on compliance framework training.