Data Analytics Services

Go Further, faster with true end-to-end data integration And data analytics solutions

  • Data Integration
  • Modernizations/Cloud Data Services
  • BI Dashboard
  • AI/ML Offerings
  • DBA Support Services
Solutions / Frameworks
  • Data Validation Framework
  • Cloud Migration Framework
  • Self-Service BI Framework
  • Healthcare and Telecom Analytics Solution
  • Usage & Optimization Analytics
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Grow your Business with Data Analytics and AI Services


We Serve:

  • Brokerage Firms
  • Corporate & Investment Banks
  • Commercial & Regional Banks
  • Advertising production houses
  • Insurance Industry

Why Dhruv Technology?

  • 12+ Years of experience in the industry
  • Customised Client solutions
  • Flexible and Multilingual Global Delivery
  • Global pool of talent

Our Expertise are into:


Leverage structured and unstructured data to predict future events .  e.g. trends, pricing decisions, fraud risk, customer attrition etc.


New age algorithms to derive value from complex and big data – e.g. real-time bidding, IoT sensor data based maintenance, recommender systems.


Drive superior operations and planning through demand forecasting, cost planning, granular sales, shipment forecasting etc.


Draw meaningful insights from text data – e.g. conversation themes, topics, sentiment, sales leads, customer satisfaction etc.


Achieve optimal revenue, margin or cost in a given decision framework –

e.g. maximize marketing reach, resource optimization, inventory management.

Data and Analytics Consulting

Discover Dhruv Technology System Solutions


Business is complex. But in complexity, there is an opportunity for innovative solutions. With our comprehensive, open-architecture solutions for data analytics & AI, we provide high-value research, analytics and business intelligence across our clients, and consulting companies across our global delivery network.

We at Dhruv have deep expertise in designing, running and managing data with the most modern reliable and efficient tools in the market. We help organisations grow and stand out from the competition. We are not only leaders in providing data analytics and AI services to empower organisations but also provide trained data analyst and AI professionals to meet your increasing data needs. Hence, we are aware of the industry requirements and specifications and will create unique analytics solutions to suit your specific business needs.